Sports wristbands and athletics headbands are accessories of the past!

Handana® was made with the active person in mind. It’s lightweight, glove-like fit allows you to wipe sweat and nasal drip with both sides of your Handana hand. Your hand and fingers are completely free! No more stinging eyes, dripping brows or pulling at your shirt to reach your face.

Sizes and colors for everyone!

Handana comes in a variety of sizes and colors so if you’re looking for women’s running accessories or sports headbands for men we’ve got you covered. Handana is machine washable and is made of the softest Supplex ™ fabric to meet your sports wristband needs! Learn how Handana can be your new favorite accessory or the best gift you’ve ever given on our hand sweatband FAQ page.

*If you exercise more than once a week, we recommend purchasing two: one to wear and one to wash. *

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