Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all those awesome Dads out there.  Happy Father’s Day to all those who have reached out to the fatherless also.   You have an extra special place in my heart.  10 years ago my own father left me fatherless.  Without going into any details of the situation, I will say I love my parents and hope and pray for healing.

I am so thankful for my new Pop though.  About 8 years ago, after hearing of my story, my dear childhood friend, Maria Tacchi’s family adopted me.  I received a phone call from Maria’s mom saying, we heard your story, we know your parents are no longer in your life, and we are your new family now.  Your children will call us Meme and Pop. My two children now have 3 new aunts and uncles and many cousins.  A box came that Christmas from our Tacchi family and they have been our family ever since.  They have shown my husband and I and our two children an unconditional love I had only seen once before, from my husband’s family.

Over the years, they have visited us in Austin and we have always made a point to spend time with them when we visit St. Louis.  They have sent cards and gifts for every occasion expressing their love for us all.

Just last month, Pop showed his love that can only come from a Father who loves his children dearly.  The Tacchi tradition has always been to receive a hope box made with love from Lou Tacchi.  I remember when my friend Maria received hers from her Dad and have seen her sister’s hope boxes also.  I know Maria’s daughter also received hers when she graduated from 8th grade.  Little did I know that my new Father would drive over 14 hours to hand deliver the hope box he made special for my own daughter, Emily, just a few weeks ago for her graduation present.  They only reason they came was to deliver that hope box.  They don’t have millions of dollars, or leisurely time to waste, but they took time and money to give us this gift.  I say ‘us’ because the gift that was received by me from my Father was of love, acceptance, worthiness, and grace.  I have only felt such love in one other place, and that was from my Heavenly Father.

How blessed I am today, to not only know the love of my God who gives love to fatherless, but to have been showered by my earthly Father’s love these last 8 years.


Thank you and Happy Father’s Day to You Both.

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