What is Handana®?

Handana is a high performance fashionable sweatband worn on the hand to wipe sweat during any workout. We offer over twenty colors.  Handana is designed to be worn on your hand to make wiping sweat easy to do.  It also is not bulky, so holding your water bottle or using your ipod is easy to do.

How do I wear Handana?

Handana slips on like a glove with your thumb in the center hole.  The difference is your Handana wraps around your hand, not wrist.  Handana is offered in 5 sizes, making it easy to find the right fit for you.

How do I wash my Handana?

We recommend that you wash your sweatband on cold with like colors.  Air dry.

Where are Handanas manufactured?

Handanas are proudly designed and sewn in the USA.

Where can I buy Handanas?

You can purchase Handanas here on our website-24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   You can also find Handanas to purchase at some of our retail partners throughout North America.

What is my size for a Handana?

Lay your hand flat on a piece of paper palm down. At the knuckle mark either side of your hand. Measure the length between the marks. The measurements will give you an approximation to your size. Please keep in mind the fabric has some stretch to it. It is personal as to how snug you like your Handana to fit.
X-Large= 4″ or greater
Large= 3.75″
Small= 3.25″