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Well, the plan was today to continue to the story of my journey in the burn unit with SJS.  Instead, though, I would like to focus on MS.  My sister-in-law was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago this summer.  She is married and a mother of two.  How many of us can relate to her.  She does have an uncle who was diagnosed with MS 20 plus year ago, but still never thought she would be plagued with this title.


The great thing I want to focus on today is the MS 150 ride.  Not only did my husband, Jeff, buy a bike 2 years ago to start training for the MS ride to support his sister, but her own husband did the same.  They have both have been riding and doing races ever since the diagnosis to spread the word of her story so we can get funding for MS research and find a cure.  Both are scientist in different fields and know the importance of funding to move forward to make a difference in people like Carol’s life.


Today was extremely special for me.  Handana has consumed my life the last few months with many blessings.  This weekend though has brought me back to the reason behind Handana.  I have been pulled away with the logistics of how to make a business run and lost the reason Handana was created.  Remembering with the anniversary of my own medical dilemna, of the importance of spreading the word of encouraging others, also clouded my focus of Carol.  But being at the finish line today and receiving text from Carol to know how things were going brought my focus back where it should be.


Today I want to focus on my sister-in-law, Carol.  She is an educated athlete with a wonderful husband and two gifted children.  Yes, it seems, the perfect family.  But after being diagnosed with MS less than two years ago, her life has changed.  She grew up in a secure family with two supportive parents.  She did well in school and obeyed the rules.   She is just now being faced with things in her life out of her control.


The amazing things is the example she is setting.  God is using her to show the type of person he expects of us all.  Carol’s story shows us, that we may never know when things will change in our life, whether good or bad.  But, when they do, He expects us to continue to look towards Him for guidance and to have faith.  His plan is so much bigger and so much better than ours.  We may think we can fix things and we believe He is not answering our prayers, but we can’t.  With time, and patience and faith, He will finish the story.


Jeff showed me that today.  He road this race with no training.  He did the same race last year with very little training and swore he would train more this year.  Unfortunately, no time allowed itself.  Between work and school and being a dad and great husband, there was no time to train.  Most of us would say we just wouldn’t’ do the race.  The awesome thing about Jeff is that if he commits himself, he will follow through.  He committed himself to being an awesome husband and dad and didn’t give up on that.  He committed to being a dedicated realtor and didn’t slow down on that.  He has kept a straight A average in school at the same time.  The most important thing it he didn’t give up on his sister.  He told her he would ride this race for her and his uncle and he did it.  He was an example to his family including his children.  He road without complaining or giving up.  He did the race humbly and without expecting any cheers.


I love him for the person he has shown me to be.  I love him for the example he has taught my children.  I love him for the sibling he has let me experience.  What an amazing brother, father, and husband.



Thank you Lord for the husband you have given me.  The lesson he teaches me and the gift to us all.



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